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Dust Wtih Cocoa - Baker
“I have been baking as Dust with Cocoa for just over two years now and I'd say about 90% of what I create uses fresh flowers. I absolutely love using edible flowers on my desserts, they add colour and beauty like nothing else can. I choose to buy these from Nurtured in Norfolk as there is always a wonderful selection that are delivered on time and perfectly fresh.”
Mark Lawton Leconfield
"I have used Nurtured in Norfolk micro herbs for a few years now and have always loved the quality and freshness that it brings to my finishing touches for my dishes. Out of my many years experience as a chef, I have always found that the longevity of the produce lasted longer than other brands I have used. I also love the fact that they push their knowledge and boundaries in introducing new types of micro cress in-line with the trends of the modern chefs.."
Rob Walls The Cadogan
"Growing up in Cambridge and working around South England has taught me a lot, one thing in particular, your only as good as the ingredients you use! I have been using and working with products from Nurtured in Norfolk for years. Their wide range of products means they have something for every dish. Starters, mains and desserts... Everything! Just that little jolt of colour or that sharp burst of flavour to finish off a great plate of food."
Jack Rawlings Coutts Bank
"We use Nurtured in Norfolk a lot which has been a huge benefit to us. We can plan our menus around what we know will be available from Norfolk and be safe in the knowledge it will arrive and be a consistently good product for the month we use it. Having such a wide selection has really helped us with choosing a perfect garnish for our dishes."

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