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6 foods to fuel your day

Micro Mixed Salad

Studies have shown that the first sprout of seed harvested after 7-14 days are at peak in terms of the content of vitamins & minerals.

Buzz Button

The head of Buzz Button contains natural analgesic, which numbs the tongue & gums when chewed.

Thai Basil

Thai Basil has notably high levels of vitamins K, A & C. Basil also contains a natural compound of antibacterial & antioxidant properties.

Blue Borage

Borage has very high levels of essential fatty acids, as well as calcium, from, zinc, vitamins B & C.

Baby Mint

Mint is rich in vitamin A & C. Mint is also prized for the medicinal and therapeutic properties of its aromatic oil.


Cornflowers high antioxidant content aids in detoxifying the liver. They are also thought to stimulate the appetite.

6 foods to fuel your day

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