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6 foods to fuel your day


Amaranth has a deep earthy, nutty flavour and is super nutritious with a tender texture. Making this micro green ideal for almost any dish.


Our Rocket micro cress carries a sweet and nutty flavour perfect for all those imaginative dishes.

Red Vein Sorrel

Our Red Vein Sorrel is guaranteed to add a tangy tartness to a variety of dishes for your imagination.

Micro Watercress

Micro Watercress offers a peppery flavour similar to horseradish, delivering a clean sharp burn to the palate that soon disappears, leaving notes of citrus.


Our Parsley is used in foods and beverages as a garnish, condiment and flavouring.


Salicornia’s unique taste is crisp, crunchy, mildly salty and a great addition to poultry and meat dishes.

6 foods to fuel your day

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