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Accent Fresh’s Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow

Read Accent Fresh’s reasons why these Instagram accounts are worth a follow for your feed!


Socius Dining


Socius Dining simply creates a memorable food and drink experience in a completely relaxed environment. Socius offers locally sourced produce in dishes which change to reflect the array of seasons. Their food is designed to share on small plates, as a modern British take on tapas. Their Instagram profile is something to behold, with every post and dish offering an individual and innovative work of art.

‘The one restaurant I really want to try as they are heading towards big things and creating innovative dishes.’


Callie-Anne Cooks


Callie-Anne is an incredibly talented and passionate chef that loves to share her creativity with others. Her attention to detail combined with her sensational innovation is a recipe for culinary perfection. Her inspiration comes from her travels through the African safari, to a wide variety of kitchens sharing their love for our local food. Callie brought us a a story of her love affair with recipes from her African kitchen. Look our for her posts on originality and ingredients sourced for her dishes.

‘A South African celebrity chef and a sister of an old chef of mine. Exotic and original dishes with an incredible amount of flavour.’


The Duke’s Head


The Duke’s Head is a beautiful pub that offers great space to enjoy their delicious seasonal British meals using locally sourced ingredients. If your looking for true British inspiration in your cooking then The Duke’s Head is the perfect partner. Expect laughs, food and the behind the pass scenes.

‘Always including us in his social media and always creating food that you are guaranteed to love.’


The Brewers Rattlesden


A contemporary country pub in the heart of the beautiful village of Rattlesden. Sourcing the best possible local ingredients and talent to give their customers fresh, local food and outstanding wine and beer. While currently under construction and just starting out into the creative world, their Instagram already shows great potential for inspiration, uniqueness and comfort.

‘New to the culinary world and a new customer with us. We are very excited to see the fresh and local foods that will be served.’


Cafe Twenty


Café Twenty offers an array of food options to suit all their customers, and provides outside catering service to other businesses or offices. Their Instagram feed is filled with authentic and bright seasonal produce to brighten up any gloomy day. The high contrast photos and statement backdrops give the profile a top quality feel that pairs perfectly with their delicate dishes.

‘For a small business thats been open just shy of 3 months, they are constantly pushing boundaries for their café.’


The Village Maid, Lound


The Village Maid carries Moss & Co’s signature gorgeous country style with a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Sam Taylor creates a profile filled with country flavours and classic favourites, with a twist. Offering all of that as well as supporting great local businesses, providing locally sourced, fresh seasonal produce. Head down to Lound to experience the innovative creations of Sam Taylor and his food team.

‘Always stepping out of his comfort zone and pushing extraordinary boundaries with the flavours and design of his food.’


The bell Inn, Carlton Carville


The Bell Inn carries a warmth character, keeping original charm with a countryside atmosphere. Ryan Bolt profile celebrates the variety and quality on offer at his restaurant. Choosing delicious cuts of steak and gorgeous pub classic, alongside a changing special menu full of wonderful and creative treats. With great food, great photography, as well as a few shots from his travels and food exploration makes this a must follow account.

‘Always been a big supporter of us and always creating innovative dishes with vegan food amongst so many others.’


Kings Head, Bawburgh


The Kings Head, Bawburgh has recently won the Norfolk Dining Pub of the year 2019, which shows through Jake Armes Instagram feed. Offering beautifully cooked ‘proper pub’ classics with imaginative, local twists. Celebrating their close relationship between well-stablished local produce suppliers and extensive range of local real ales, lagers and carefully chosen wines.

‘Recently have won a number of awards in Norfolk for their high quality and original food.’


The Duck Inn, Stanhoe


An award winning rustic-smart gastropub, serving the best in local produce and east Anglian ales. Promoting a friendly and efficient service, perfectly complimenting the incredible food served up by chef patron Ben Handley and his team. Ben Handley has a great profile if your looking for inspiration with colour combinations and a bit of humour. His photos have personality as well as an incredible amount of talent.

‘We are a big supporter of Ben and The Duck Inn. They are champions in local food and dining.’




Recently opening his own restaurant ‘Liberty’ an American inspired cuisine made Fromm locally sourced ingredients, situated on the beautiful Norfolk broads. Which is everything Jake Garwood has to offer through his Instagram feed, with powerful photography showcasing his innovative and mouth-watering delicacies.

‘With his own business recently launched ‘Liberty’ and pushing American themed menus, we always feel extra hungry when seeing his dishes.’

These are Accent Fresh’s top 10 Instagram accounts to follow, but if you would like behind the scenes insights to everything about fresh and local produce around East Anglia give @accent_fresh a follow today!





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