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British Farmer & Grower – November 2018

The British Farmer & Grower magazine is a must have if you are a champion of British agriculture and horticulture, and campaigning for a stable and sustainable future for British farmers and to secure the best possible deal for the community, this monthly subscription won’t be wasted as they are supportive of your industry and thrive on protecting your future.

Whether you are a grower, farm livestock or have a mixed holding. The NFU is one of the most successful representations of body for agriculture and horticulture in England and Wales. Their ethos is simple, ‘the more members that are united, the more we can be. louder and stronger voice for British farming and for your business, championing what matters most to agriculture.’ Their strength relies in their numbers, with in-excess of 55,000 member, they are heard when it counts, locally, nationally and internationally. Every member matters and makes the NFU stronger, which only means more influential, more achievable towards goals and a more powerful and unified voice.

In the November issue, Nurtured in Norfolk were lucky enough to appear in a two-page spread (pages. 38-39) to talk about the achievements of two Norfolk chefs, Allan & Sue Miller, who have grown a multi pound edible flower and micro-veg business from scratch.

The article went on to speak about how Allan & Sue’s career as chef’s and how the idea and development on Nurtured in Norfolk started.

“Sue and I quickly realised that there was the potential for real growth when local wholesalers soon became keen to purchase the surplus produce from our small garden”

Eight years later the growth of Nurtured in Norfolk can now be justifiably described as nothing ‘short of miraculous’. We wanted to tell our audience that continuity and consistency of supply is vital to us, the importance of biologicals and committed work staff.

The NFU Chief Horticulture Advisor Lee Abbey had nothing but nice comments to say about growing company, also explaining the niche market where Nurtured in Norfolk slot into.

“This example shows how the horticulture sector and potatoes sector is among the most innovative in farming. Nurtured in Norfolk has identified the gap in the market and been agile enough to respond quickly to supply that demand”

Here at Nurtured in Norfolk we offer chefs and consumers a wide choice of edible flowers and micro cresses to eat and enjoy. For us this doesn’t stop here, our ongoing offer of edible flowers and micro-cress is constantly growing. More chefs are travelling globally on a regular basis and they return with new edible flower and micro-cress discoveries that we aim to grow as soon as possible and supply back to them. It’s all about flavour and the visual profile of edible flower and micro-cress has never ever been more important.

Please see the attachment below to download or give our article a read on how size doesn’t matter!


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