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Chef of the Month August 2018: Jamie Docker

Here at Nurtured in Norfolk, we believe that our customers are what make Nurtured in Norfolk what we are today and we would like to thank you all by showcasing & celebrating your culinary talents – this month’s winner is Jamie Docker with his lemon tart, rhubarb sorbet, shortbread topped with Nurtured in Norfolk’s edible flowers

Jamie Docker is the Head Chef at the Fritton Arms, Norfolk. He has forever only known how to cook and has carried this passion through to where he is today.


Why did you become a chef?

It’s always something I’ve been drawn to and enjoy doing. Even the long hours! I simply love cooking and trying to convey that when creating menus with my team at The Fritton Arms.


What is your cooking style & what can people expect from the food on your menu?

I try to accommodate for every type of customer that comes to the Fritton arms and we adapt and change our menus quite regularly, especially within the seasons and what our kitchen garden allows us to have!


What is your favourite cuisine & dish to cook?

I love cooking with fish but also enjoy patisserie work (when I have time).


What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment is being in the position I’m in now, the surroundings I have to use and the people I work with. I enjoy learning every aspect that my career leads me to.


What do you do to stay current on new trends? Describe 2 or 3 of the most industry trends.

Keeping up with trends is a must in any business but I like to put my own twist on things, I don’t want to be set in the ways we cook/ plate ect. I follow a lot of chefs on social media especially in Norfolk, it’s great to see other chefs doing exciting things which is always an inspiration in its self. My main source of inspiration and go to would always be looking in magazines and online.


What do you like about Nurtured in Norfolk’s new launch ‘The Nurtured Way’?

I think the nurtured way’s new take on themselves stands out, almost as if we shouldn’t be buying anywhere else! But being in Norfolk and working out in the country there’s so many local and well-established suppliers to choose from!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time & are there any plans for the future?

In five years, I will still be learning and progressing myself further, ideally here at the Fritton arms or somewhere giving me the same opportunities to work with such wholesome produce. If that fails, on a beach enjoying the sun!


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