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James Self

James Self

Le Benaix

Having first worked with Nurtured in Norfolk’s products in London, it was an education in different herbs and the different flavours they have. Every time we got a new product in, it was exciting and it gets your chefs brain working on new ideas and new flavour combinations. Getting a new punnet of micro cress on the larder section, is the equivalent of getting a fantastic fillet steak sauce! The right micro cress or leaf can elevate a good dish to a great dish, not only in presentation but also in flavour. The quality and flavour from Nurtured in Norfolkis always consistent, with the herbs having a good shelf life, which is vital when working in a busy restaurant. At Le Benaix we make full use of this, with the flavours and presentation of our dishes complemented by the wonderful products of Nurtured in Norfolk.

Connect with James and discover more of his work at @selfy_itfc

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