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Marcus Ulmer

Marcus Ulmer

CORE by Clare Smyth

I moved to London from Sydney in March 2018 to further my career as a chef and loearn about local British produce and suppliers.

I started using Nurtured in Norfolk’s products when I joined the team at Core by Clare Smyth. I particularly enjoy using their lemon verbena, it’s flavour and fragrance is unlike any other. After meeting Allan & Sue and visiting their nurseries the passion for they do was very clear. As a chef it’s very inspiring to meet producers who work so hard to supply amazing products and allow us to serve the food we do. I love learning about and tasting new ingredients and I was very lucky to do this at Nurtured in Norfolk, especially with their vast selection of Edible Flowers.

Connect with Marcus and discover more of his work at @marcusulmer

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