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Christmas Selection Wheels: How to Use Them

Christmas has come around so quickly, but its here, and we’re excited! Although Christmas is different this year, we still believe it can be beautiful! We’ve got plenty of Christmas Edible Flower, Micro Cress, and Mixed Selection Wheels available to add a little something! Check out our how-to below for some top recommendations for how you can use these festive wheels!

This year, more than ever, we wanted to go all-out. Thats why, we released not one, not two, but three Christmas Selection Wheels. These can be used for sweet and savoury preparations, by the amateur or professional chef or baker! Check out some tasty ideas below…

Sweet Treats!

Possibly our favourite way to use our seasonal edible flower wheel is atop all sweet treats. We’ve chosen to decorate some Christmas rocky road with red edible roses and white violas, but you could decorate almost any creation! From Christmas cupcakes, to white chocolate bark (think @whipandwhiskcakery’s Halloween takeover!!), or traditional Christmas cake, these edible flowers will work for anything! – Adding delicate flavour and vibrant colour.


Whether you’re making mocktails and cocktails, or prefer a glass of fizz, our christmas mixed wheel and flower wheel is the perfect garnish! Our mixed wheel is made up of flavourful leaves and delicate edible flowers. For example, butterfly sorrel leaves have acidic and tart flavours with sweet undertones; making them a great leaf to top a Christmas G&T!


Our Christmas Micro Cress Wheel is the perfect chefs assistant this season. Packed with nutritious and flavourful red and green micro cress, its perfect for adding those finishing touches. Why not try micro rocket cress atop smoked salmon blinis, or red amaranth cress atop pate bites.

Gift It

If you’ve left your shopping a little too last minute this year, fear not. You will be able to grab one of our Christmas selection wheels on our website up until Tuesday 22nd December, or you can grab one from your local wholesaler. If you don’t know your local wholesaler and fancy gifting a wheel, head to the ‘Wholesale’ section on our website and simply search your postcode!

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