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Dining at Liberty

You might have heard of Liberty, the new American Inspired Style Restaurant in Wroxham, owned by Director and Chef Jacob Garwood (who previously worked at St. Giles hotel) and wife Terri. Situated on the beautiful Norfolk broads in their contemporary cedar and glass Restaurant, where they serve only the best modern American inspired cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients, off the pass and to your table.

“I have a strong ethos in seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and using smaller, local suppliers. I want our food to be exciting and different, set in a very relaxed atmosphere.

As a rule you can find it on our menu then it has been made here with love and attention to detail. I have been cooking for 15 years now and can truly say that liberty is the most exciting thing I have been involved in. We want to make something you can’t find anywhere else and we are very proud of what we do, Me, Terri, and all of our hard working team.” – Head Chef Jake Garwood

To Start

In-House Smoked Popcorn

We started of the evening with a complimentary bowl of in-house smoked popcorn. It was a good start as I have never tasted such flavourful in-house popcorn in any restaurant before. Having a soft salty taste with a rich, earthy smokiness that lingered in your mouth.

I looked forward to trying the menu to come. @chef_mikey28, Liberty’s Head Chef and a supporting foodie, was responsible for the menu for the evening.


Main Course

Black Jack Brisket Burger

Comprising of an 8oz beef burger topped with Jack Daniels and black cajun rubbed brisket (gfa). Served with triple cooked chips, Californian slaw and homemade battered, fried onions.

As a huge fan of American, meaty grilled meals, I was surely in my element when I received my meal from the pass. I can honestly say this dish was an excellent start to the menu. It was great to see your typical American burger, with a considerable amount of flavours and textures. The meat from both the burger and brisket was very tender and continued to melt in your mouth with each bite. With compliments from the sweet Jack Daniels sauce and very slight black cajun spiciness on top, I wasn’t disappointed. Although, I do advise you to not be fooled by the size of the dish, while my tastebuds wanted to finish all of the beefy goodness, unfortunately my stomach was defeated!

We also tried the following on the table:

Beer and Bacon Burger

Comprising of an 8oz beef burger topped with beer and bacon jam, pink onions and mozzarella (gfa).

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger

Comprising of sweet and spicy chilli mayonnaise.

Monterey Jack and Bacon Burger

Comprising of 8oz beef burger topped with Monterey Jack and streaky bacon (gfa).

Which all were exceptional, with no faults.

Middle Rib of Beef

Comprising of ribs glazed in homemade BBQ sauce, Californian slaw, buttermilk biscuit and bourbon gravy (gfa).

The beef was cooked to perfection, as was the biscuit. The homemade BBQ sauce was perfectly sticky and altogether, they complimented one another whilst adding different textures to the dish. This course doesn’t need much to say, other than when you get a chance to dine at Liberty, make sure to order their signature ‘Middle Rib of Beef‘.


Palate Cleanser 

Apple Jellies

To refresh our palettes we were given complimentary handmade apple jellies. The first bite is very overpowering with a sour and sugary taste, leading into a similar taste and texture to apple purée. We all had very mixed reviews up the table to our opinion on these, we came to the conclusion that they are similar to marmite, you will either love them or hate them as they won’t be to everyone’s taste and texture, but they are definitely worth a try!



Salt Caramel Blondie

Comprising of hazelnut ice-cream, torched banana, salt and sugar hazelnuts (v).

Dessert has always had our name on it and you will usually find us ordering it unless we are really full, the dessert menu is uninspiring or we need to leave in a hurry. But by the end of our main courses, we were all feeling comfortably full, but we managed to share a couple of desserts around the table. I really enjoyed the combination of caramel and hazelnut, it had created a fresh creaminess with a little sour and sweet. The textures were very good and we would happily order this again.

“This dessert was absolutely incredible. Especially the torched caramelised sweet banana.”

Triple Chocolate Brownie

Comprising of honeycomb ice cream, cranberry purée and meringue (gf/v).

We have found a dessert that will satisfy your every chocolate need. This is the perfect dessert for chocoholics, filled with the rich flavour and texture of smooth chocolate and sweetness from the cranberry purée, making a decadent and irresistible American inspired brownie dessert.


To Finish 

Chocolate BonBons

We finished of the evening with their signature complimentary salted caramel fudge BonBons. Its safe to say that our palettes were definitely spoilt throughout the evening.


Overall Rating and Comments


The service was continuously prompt and exceptionally friendly and efficient. Liberty managed a very well received menu that was thoroughly enjoyed, overlooking the Broads. In this case, we cannot fault the food or the menu, especially as the ingredients were sourced from local suppliers around Norfolk. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing and it was all very well put together by Chef Mikey and the rest of the Liberty Restaurant team, thank you for having us and you should all be very proud of your new opening!




www.libertywroxham.co.uk | enquiries@libertywroxham.co.uk | tel. 01603 782337

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