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Dining at The Bell Inn at Marlingford

I have been to many of local homely British pubs and The Bell Inn at Marlingford had a lovely warm country pub atmosphere for customers to enjoy a made to order seasonal foods and a range of drinks. The experience in both service and food was very welcoming. What is notable about The bell Inn is the fact the menu is meat-forward but they do have few selected vegetarian options to round out the menu and it is done very well.

“James likes to source as much of our food and drink locally, bringing a real community spirit that includes local farmers, distillers, brewers and customers alike. We hope that you enjoy what we have created but we are always open to suggestions for improvement, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any you may have.” 


Main Course(s)

80z Rump Steak/Mixed Grill

Comprising of hand-cut chips, onion rings , salad garnish and comes with grilled tomato and mushroom.

When our main protein had arrived – steak, it was sublime. Juicy and cooked to a perfect shade of medium-rare with a nice charred coating. The hand-cut fries were easy to eat, with crispy exterior meets fluffy white potato, It was hard to stop eating them!

“The mixed grill had very nice and decent cuts of meat, unlike most mixed grills you come across. Everything was made to order therefore the onion rings were crispy, ripe and juicy vine tomatoes with hand-cut chips cooked to perfection. All topped off with deliciously thick peppercorn sauce.”


Overall Rating and Comments


It was a wonderful dinner and the carnivores of the world would be very satisfied. We would happily come back again soon, since they live locally and with many more dishes to sample. A charming country pub with excellent food, and a beautiful outside dining area, which I’m sure we would be extremely relaxing in the summer, across the picturesque village of Marlingford, Norfolk.

Unfortunately we can’t provide images of our meals, as we were so overwhelmed with the dish and how hungry we were, we dived straight in!


The Bell Inn

www.marlingford-bell.co.uk | @thebellatmarlingford | 01603 880263

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