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Dining at the Village Maid

Offering rustic country flavours, classic favourites with a twist, The Village Maid in Lound situated opposite the village’s picturesque duck pond. A little country pub with Moss & Co’s signature style throughout, teamed with gorgeous country accents.

Serving, supporting and striving to use great local businesses and providing locally sourced, fresh seasonal produce. We decided to give their menu a try!

“We love rustic country flavours, and classic favourites with a twist. All keeping in mind the Moss & Co philosophy; supporting great local businesses, providing locally sourced, fresh seasonal produce.”

When we arrived the staff were extremely welcoming and friendly.


Main Course

Pork Loin Steak

Comprising of parmentier potatoes, confit fennel, apple purée, whole baby apple and cider jus.

When our food arrived, it was simply delightful! The presentation as well as the portions of all the elements that were involved matched very well and created an enjoyable and delicate dish, which you don’t normally expect from a hearty main course.

Chicken, Ham & Wholegrain Mustard Pie

Comprising of seasonal vegetables and mash.

We also tried their chicken pie, which the kind helpful waitress had recommended. All the flavours on the plate married well and in particular the salicornia which was a great addition to the dish.

“This was a great homely and wholesome meal which was a good substantial size. Plenty of tasty, tender chicken breast paired perfectly with fluffy mash and seasonal veg that was extra crunchy and delicious.”


Overall Rating and Comments


The two main courses were priced very well at £14 for the Pork Loin & £13 for the Chicken Pie. This is a great price for a hot and hearty comfort dish at such an established, relaxed venue.

The Village Maid had a brilliant cosy and relaxed atmosphere with beautiful views across the countryside, making it a beautiful destination for a leisurely meal or full dinner sitting. The food and drinks were impressive by Chef Sam Taylor and team and I would certainly head back to sample more of Moss & Co’s homely restaurants.


The Village Maid

www.moss-co.com | @thevillagemaidlound | tel. 01502 730441



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