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Dried Edible Flowers: How to Decorate your Creations

Dried edible flowers are our latest obsession … can you tell?!

With lots of edible flowers blooming here at Nurtured, we would hate to put any of them to waste! That’s why, last lockdown, we started picking and drying! And it’s been the same this lockdown…

We’re continuing to pick our violas and pansies which we press. Meanwhile, our calendula, rose, cornflower and dahlia petals are being picked and dried.

To have the perfect pressed flower and dried flower jar, this takes around 6 weeks! But do not fear, we’ve got plenty of dried flowers here, ready for cake, drink and dessert garnishes!

If you’re used to using our fresh edible flowers and dried flowers are all new to you – do not worry! We’ve got some great ideas for how you can incorporate our dried edible flowers into your creations. And don’t forget, our dried flowers don’t just have to be used in edible preparations… Check out below to see our top picks for how to use Nurtured in Norfolk dried edible flowers!


Just because the pubs and bars are closed, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a sensational beverage! We recommend sprucing your cocktails and mocktails up with a sprinkling of dried flowers. Rose petals work particularly well for this! Why not try Doctor Gin’s Valentines cocktail ‘The Passion’. You can top this tasty drink with dried rose petals instead of a whole fresh rose!


We think dried edible flowers can take any mundane recipe up to the extraordinary! So why not take your biscuits to that level. We recommend sprinkling your biscuits with dried calendulas and caster sugar just before they go in the oven. This will add a vibrant pop of colour and sweet flavour.

Brownies and Traybakes

One of our favourite trends to hit the Instagram baking scene has got to be pressed flower covered brownies traybakes. It’s amazing how adding a pressed edible flower to your bake can really be the thing you didn’t know it needed! We’re obsessing over Mode and Grace’s traybakes (with vegan options too!) which are covered in Nurtured in Norfolk pressed yellow pansies and purple violas. … They make a gooey brownie that little bit more appealing!

It doesn’t have to be edible

Although our fresh and dried flowers are totally edible, that doesn’t mean you have to use them solely in edible preparations! We think adding dried lavender to a handmade soap, or wrapping a handmade soap in pressed pansies would make the perfect gift this Christmas! It’s just an extra novelty that the flowers are edible! … although we really would not recommend eating your dried edible flowers after they’d been in contact with a soap!

floral traybake

Mode and Grace Sticky Floral Ginger Cake

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