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Duration Beer asks Can You Dig It?

Duration Beer Brewery Pale Ale | Can you Dig It?
4.1% Pale Ale

What the brewers say

“Made in collaboration with Two Tribes Brew using local Nurtured in Norfolk produce, this beer truly showcases our region’s agricultural diversity. Geraniums and sage grown nearby were substituted for some of the hops to bring fragrant notes of pineapple, citrus and rose to this summer drink.” Derek Bates & Miranda Hudson.

“Very little hops were used in the kettle, instead we infused the wort in our whirlpool, with 3 different kinds of geraniums and some pineapple sage. The aroma and flavour are quite floral, with some nutmeg and clove like spice, slight pepperiness, orange blossom and candied lemon.”Two Tribes


What we thought

The hops flavour hits with an intense citrus and rose, with a clear bitterness that lingers just for a moment. The fruity mix of flavours create a lasting aftertaste to create a pleasant bite at the end of each pour.

“Tropical fruit and floral notes that compliments this balanced and clean drink.”

A fine pale ale that showcases the range of hops very well, while still keeping the beer engaging and easy to drink. This beer was very well put together and extremely well executed.


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