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Easter Edible Flower Selection Wheel has Landed!

Easter Edible Flower Selection Wheel is here, and the possibilities are endless!

We’re now fully back up and running after lockdown closures and we’re already straight into the festivities! Easter weekend is just around the corner, so be sure to grab yourself one of our Easter edible flower selection wheels in time. Made up of spring-time yellow, orange and pastel pink flowers, our selection wheel is the perfect addition to any easter creation. If you’re stumped for ideas for how to use the wheel though, do not fear, we’ve got some cracking ideas below!

First things first, if you’re new to using fresh edible flowers, be sure to wash them! To wash our edible flowers, fill a bowl with cool water and gentle dip the flowers in, ‘swishing’ the water. Once you’re happy the flowers have had their rinse, allow them to dry on a paper towel.

Easter Cupcakes.

An old favourite and perfect for every occasion: the humble cupcake. Why not try some carrot cupcakes decorated with buttercream frosting and edible flowers. Use the vibrant fresh yellow violas atop your frosting to give the sunniest spring bake!


If you prefer sweets to chocolate, then this little easter treat is the perfect choice! These can be gifted or your own little treat, whichever you choose, they’re bound to be a winner! Check out the sunny sugar lollies from @sugarpoplollipops.

Chocolate Easter Eggs.

We love how creative our customers are getting with our edible flowers, and this Easter lead up has been no disappointment! Check out the stunning Easter egg below from @copperhead_kitchen. They’ve used pressed and dried edible flowers, but our easter fresh selection wheel can also be used for a show stopping egg! Why not try a white chocolate Easter egg, decorated with vibrant rose petals and tiny tagete flowers from the wheel.

Decorative (Savoury!) Easter eggs.

If a dyed egg easter decoration is for you, but you want to take it up a level this easter, then look no further! Inspired by FunnyHowFlowersDoThat, these little ornaments will definitely be showstoppers. ┬áSimple to create, you’ll just need a few boiled eggs, some PVA glue and a brush, and our Easter Edible Flower Selection Wheel.

To create this effective easter dec, simply coat your boiled eggs in a few layers of PVA glue and allow to dry. When completely dry, apply a little more glue to one side of the egg, and apply whichever edible flower you’d like, also being sure to seal the flower with some PVA glue on top! You can even pull the petals from our Bellis Daisy flowers for an even more delicate effect.

Easter Drinks.

Enjoy this warmer weather with a cool drink in hand, garnished with our easter wheel. Check out the refreshing lemonade from @sugarbuttoncakes, garnished with yellow violas and bellies daisies.

edible flower Easter egg

If you’re inspired, and want to try a Fresh Easter Edible Flower Selection Wheel for yourself, head to the link here. Be sure to tag us in your deliveries and creations on Social Media!

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