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Fancy Kawano with your dinner tonight?

The Kawano fruit remembles something straight out of the prehistoric era. With a rugby ball shape and spines like a dinosaurs back, this fruit looks decidedy unfriendly.

However, cut into it and you will reveal nothing of the sort! Deliciously juicy and fresh, the flavour is not too dissimilar to a cucumber, although the edible seeds are much larger. The aftertaste leaves you with a hint of banana, which is quite odd but not unpleasant.

Add the kernals to a salad or mix into a salsa, the exotic nature of this fruit really stands out. Sprinkle onto a grilled steak or chop to experience a tangy contrast.

If you are curious to try the Kawano, we have them available here at Nurtured In Norfolk for two months only…so you best be kwikano!

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