9 July 2021
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Great British Pea Week is Here!

Growing Tendril Pea Shoots

Great British Pea Week is here! – But who even knew Peas had their own week?!

Well, whether you’re an avid fan of Great British Pea Week, or have just heard about it now, we think peas are definitely deserving of their own week! When looking for garnishes, our pea shoots are often a go-to for many customers, and we can really see why! With flavours similar to the mature plant, but slightly sweeter, these little shoots add flavour and beauty to many plates.

At Nurtured in Norfolk, we have Salad Pea Shoots as well as Tendril Pea Shoots available to shop. On our website, these are available in cut punnets. Although, if you’re a wholesale customer, you can also shop these in living trays. – Now that’s pretty fresh right?!

Great British Pea Week runs from the 5th to the 11th July and is an annual celebration of peas! Great British Pea week was launched by the Yes Peas! campaign. It hopes to recognise the huge effort made by the pea vining sector. Although we grow more than just peas here at Nurtured in Norfolk, we thought our popular Tendril and Salad Pea Shoots deserved a little shout out this week!

So, we’ve got a little insight into the flavours of these tasty shoots, and how you can use them!

Tendril Pea Shoots

Tendril Pea Shoots are distinguished by their small and stringy tendrils, which curl out the top and sides of the shoot. This small stringy curl makes Tendril Pea Shoots an attractive garnish for savoury dishes and canapes.

From omelettes to pasta dishes, Tendril Peas are so versatile. When thinking which dishes to garnish with Tendril Pea Shoots, the opportunities are endless! With a flavour just as distinct as their look, they’re bound to be a winner for all of your guests. Tendril peas pair well with other veggies, like radishes, fava beans and asparagus. As well as aromatics like ginger and garlic. Spinach and potatoes will also be complimented by a Tendril Pea Shoot garnish.

If using on smaller canapés, Tendril Pea Shoots can be pulled apart and used in smaller quantities. If you’re new to using Tendril Peas, we recommend sprinkling a few handfuls on your avocado toast. Or, if you’re showcasing Asian canapés, a tendril shoot looks attractive and brings refreshing flavour, cutting through spice.

Salad Pea Shoots

Very similar to the Tendril Pea Shoots, we call Salad Pea Shoots ‘the same but different’. They possess very similar flavours and leaves, they just don’t have the stringy tendril! They’re equally as robust and crisp as Tendril Peas, and can be used on very similar dishes.

Salad Pea Shoots are easy to use too, as the clue is in the title! They’re great for a salad! Salad Pea Shoots can be used alone, or tossed with other leaves. These hearty and ‘leafy’ shoots will compliment a lemon juice dressing, and any chickpea dishes very well.

And, did you know? These are super fresh! After time in the germination room, our Salad Pea Shoots will only take 10 to 14 days to be at our full specification size!

*Fun Fact*

When using our machine to plant our living salad peas, our team can put 660 punnets through in no more than 45 minutes. Now that’s about 14 punnets per minute! Pretty quick right!?

Although Tendril Peas and Salad Peas are the classic shoots you think of when someone says ‘pea shoots’, we do have other shoots available to shop! Including, Sweetcorn Shoots, Chickpea Shoots, Golden Pea Shoots, and Sunflower Shoots!

If you’re a fan of our Tendril and Salad Pea Shoots, or maybe they’re a regular garnish on your menus, whichever it is, be sure to share photos of how you use them! We love to see how our products have been used! You can tag us on social media, or you can drop info@nurturedinnorfolk.co.uk an email with some photos or videos. And, if you’re using pea shoots this Great British Pea Week, be sure to use the hashtags #GreatBritishPeaWeek and #YesPeas.

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