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James Martin Saturday Morning

James Martin is joined by Boyzone members Ronan Keating and Shane Lynch, plus chef Brian Turner. On the menu are a plaice in champagne sauce, prawn toast and steak in béarnaise sauce.

James Martin is one of the nation’s favourite chefs, presenting some of the most popular cooking show on TV including the highly successful Saturday Kitchen, Home comforts and James Martin’s French Adventure. Passionate about food and sourcing the best ingredients, James can be found behind the stoves at James Martin Manchester and The kitchen at the acclaimed Chewton Glen.

‘Christmas is all about those little luxury touches’ 

James Martin's Saturday MorningSignature Dish: Plaice with a champagne sauce, salicornia & baby watercress.

Ronan was very happy with the dish and said it was ‘gorgeous and incredibly tender’. While Shane Lynch was to indulged in the food to speak.

Brian agreed with the other special guests and said ‘great balance chef, well done‘.


Brian Turner is said to be one of Britain’s most well-known chefs having trained at Simpson’s in the Strand, The Savoy, The Beau Rivage in Lausanne and Claridge’s.

‘Best things to come out of Ireland’

James Martin's Saturday MorningSignature Dish: Classic Beef and Guinness stew, onions, potatoes and parsley.

Ronan was very happy how the beef just ‘falls apart‘ and said the dish was ‘gorgeous‘ and is excited to attempt the recipe and give it a go.

Shane starts with the mash, ‘pure irish‘ and was also very happy with the texture of the beef, ‘wow‘.


Guinea fowl runs at 120mph and move very fast’

James Martin's Saturday MorningSignature Dish: Brian Turner’s Sage and Onion Guinea Fowl, chantey carrots and chopped parsley.

Ronan looks forward to eating the guinea fowl and was pleasantly surprised that it ‘wasn’t gamey at all‘, he also really enjoyed the sweetness coming from the onion underneath the meat.

Brian aims to give the guinea fowl character with the ‘sage and onion perfuming the meat‘.

Shane was shocked that guinea fowl is ‘a lot meatier than chicken‘ and said it was ‘lovely‘.

‘Treat you to one of our favourites’

James Martin's Saturday MorningSignature Dish: Steak in béarnaise sauce and tarragon.

oh my days‘ was all Shane had to say when left speechless by the dish.

Brian said it was ‘absolutely beautiful‘ and you can’t beat a classic ‘steak and sauce béarnaise done properly‘.

Ronan was very happy with the béarnaise sauce he had made, and made a joke over ‘the sauce is gorgeous, whoever made the béarnaise?‘.


Spoil yourself and try some of James Martin’s recipes from the show below!



James Martin

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