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Micro Cress and Edible Flowers to Try, According to our Chefs

Micro Cress and edible flowers have grown massively in popularity and at Nurtured in Norfolk, we believe you must give all microgreens a try! That way, you can make the perfect pairing for your dishes, drinks and bakes. However, this may not always be possible… we have more than 200 different products!!

So, we’ve spoken to our chefs and tried to pick the top micros to try. Opinions were split, but there were some clear winners!

We asked our chefs,

“If you were to give advise to someone using micro cress/edible flowers/leaves for the first time from Nurtured in Norfolk, which would be your top two recommendations and why?”

Our chefs are clearly incredibly passionate and their responses did not disappoint! Let’s take a look at a few of their favourites…


Jay Strubing, Head Chef at Brunch Restaurant, Kiss the Koala, London.

“I would highly recommend your viola flowers;¬†beautiful popping colours with vibrant textures and a cheeky fruity scent to boot. Easy to work with a first timer too…less is more, and your violas really do provide the MOST with the least.

Secondly, I’m a mahoooosive believer in your Micro Coriander. Beautiful, zesty citric tones, pretty, delicate leaves with the most wonderful pops of coriander seed. They add a wonderful zest and fragrance when used…once again, less is more and only a few delicate leaves are needed”.


Terry Balme, Head Chef at The Honingham Buck.

Nasturtium Leaves because they add a nice look to pretty much any dish, but also add a nice peppery flavour too. My second would have to be the coriander cress, mainly because the flavour is subtle and as we have a couple of Thai inspired dishes on our menu it just adds that final touch to the dish”.


Joe Walker, Head Chef at The Dial House, Norwich.

“Never underestimate the amazing flavours that micro herbs can bring to a dish, but always choose the micro cress for a taste purpose, instead of visual only. As they elevate a dish with a beautiful final touch on the plate and palette.

My favourites are: Nasturtium;¬†absolutely stunning in appearance and the peppery notes act as a seasoning. Lemon Balm; beautiful floral aroma which can elevate many sweet dishes”.


Thomas Leatherbarrow.

Nasturtiums. These are a fantastic versatile ingredient that has a never-ending list of uses. They add a beautiful flavour to both savoury and sweet dishes helping balance out acidity and contrast to the palette. So, the ways I use them is for granitas, mousseline, purees, dressings (along with flowers) – or just simply as they come!

Oyster Flowers. These little gems are beautifully delicate but with a punch of flavour. At optimal temper they give a delicate aroma. This ingredient can be used in multiple variations in most savoury dishes, but I like to experiment and push the boat out and utilise these little gems in sweet dishes. They make a stunning jelly and strangely compliment bitter chocolate as well as contrast against nutty textures”.


George Dack, Head Chef at The Wine Cellar, Norwich.

Micro Coriander, Red Vein Sorrel and Pea Shoots – They are all on the menu currently.”

But why are they favourites? “Red Vein Sorrel always brings out the colour of the dishes and is full of flavour. All of Nurtured in Norfolk’s micro cress finish the dish off!”


Sam Sturman, Head Chef at The Brewers, Rattlesden.

“In my opinion, the top micros to try from Nurtured in Norfolk are their Tagetes (Marigold Flowers), and also their Lemon Sorrel and Sheep Sorrel. I use both micros very regularly in my kitchen at The Brewers in Rattlesden as they are so versatile and can be used with sweet and savoury dishes!”


Meg Greenacre, Partner and Head Chef at Erpingham House, Norwich.

“With so many amazing choices on offer, it’s hard to choose. But I think I would have to say my top two are Cornflower and Apple Blossom. Cornflowers have an incredibly vibrant and stunning colour. They can bring any dish to life with their delicate petals.

Apple Blossom buds bring taste and texture to a dish with a surprisingly juicy burst of a sweet, yet sour apple flavour. You also have the option of choosing the open flowers to bring depth and drama to a dish”.


Dhiren Patel, Private Chef based in London.

“My advice to a first timer using Nurtured products is understand what the product will bring to the dish, i.e. smell/taste as well as aesthetics. People like to eat everything on the plate”.


We loved hearing an unbiased opinion from our chefs! And its clear Coriander Micro Cress and Nasturtium Leaves are a favourite. If you want to weigh in on your favourite, be sure to tag us in your favourite #nurturedgarnish on Instagram. You can also read more about our chefs on their profiles on The Nurtured Way, or on their linked Instagrams!

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