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Nelson Barros, Flowers, Flowers & Edible Flowers!

Nelson Barros is the Head Pastry Chef at South Place Hotels and will be most known for his incredible work on Bake Off: The Professionals in 2019, when he made the finals. During lockdown, Nelson Barros had the opportunity to play around with some of our edible flowers, and his beautiful dishes really delivered! He blogged about his thoughts on Nurtured edible flowers over on his website, Nelson Sa, Pastry and More. We’ve tagged his blog below so you can read it for yourself!

 Hi Everyone

I recently got some edible flowers from Nurtured in Norfolk –

And let me tell you that the quality and versatility of them is amazing, they lasted in my fridge nearly 2 weeks and still very good!

I got their selection box and being a pastry chef we like giving our desserts or even savoury courses a bit of decoration, but don’t be fooled by just their beautiful looks, they are also delicious.

I used them with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and it was so tasty.

Even with a white chocolate and strawberry dessert it lifted the simple combination up with their distinct flavours.

I then did a Strawberry Gateaux St honore and I wanted to add extra flavour and “panache”(thats french for little extra).

I used from the selection that I received :

apple blossom






Check out their website, they have so much variety to complement any style of cooking and they are of the highest quality and a very good price. Buy direct from them as you will pay less and get the product posted to you at its best.

So if used correctly they definetly bring something to the table.

Check them out.

If you’d like to see more of Nelson’s work, head to his Instagram page, @nelsonpatisserie, or his website, Nelson Sa. 

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