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New Products!

Wheat Grass – Our new Living Wheat Grass is mildly sweet and rich in nutrients. This superfood contains over 100 different elements needed by the body.

Edamame Bean Sprouts – With a sweet and fresh taste, our Edamame Bean Sprouts can be boiled, steamed or eaten raw and served alongside salt to really enhance that ‘beany flavour’.

Wild Garlic – The leaves can be eaten raw or lightly cooked. Wild Garlic can be stirred into risottos, omelettes, added to soups or used in sauces to accompany meat or fish.

Truffle of the Sea – The unique, unusual and umami flavoured ‘Truffle of the Sea’ showcases a potent flavour of white truffle. Why don’t you give it a try?

Wild Leek Flowers – Our delicate Wild Leek Flowers are incredibly pungent. They can be cooked or eaten raw, perfectly paired for salads and garnishing.

Garlic Shoots – Our Garlic Shoots are incredibly pungent and simply taste delicious. They contain a vast amount of protein, vitamin C and calcium. They are also known to prevent heart disease and cancer.

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