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Ruby Frills

Ruby Frills have a delicate & frilly appearance, with a crunchy texture and a robust, mustard flavour that is mildly sweet.

Radish Crimson

Offering a classic spicy radish flavour with fresh grassy notes our Micro Crimson Radish adds brilliant colour, vitamins & minerals that are best used in savoury dishes.

Amaranth Flower

Nurtured’s Amaranth flowers are tassel shaped that may droop like a decorative chain, with dark red to crimson colour, they can brighten up mostly every dish.


Our Roses are ideal for use as decoration on special occasions and as a garnish when plating desserts.

Red Vein Sorrel

Our Red Vein Sorrel is one of the most beautiful micro greens, with it’s brightly coloured leaves & dark red patterned veins.

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