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Nurtured hits 5000 Instagram Followers

Nurtured in Norfolk has hit 5000 followers!

Our Instagram account has hit the record number of 5000 followers, and we couldn’t be happier! This is such a milestone and we feel incredibly happy that all of our customers and followers are so keen to see exactly what’s going on at Nurtured. None of this would be possible without the brilliant support from everyone and for this we would like to say a massive thank you, and we can’t wait to see what the next 5000 holds!

We love our social media platforms and getting involved with other pages, so we thought we’d share with our brilliant followers and customers which accounts we are loving right now.


Let’s get stuck in with our top 5 to follow…



edible flower decorated cookies

Ruby’s biscuits decorated with edible flowers

Showing off some fabulous cakes and bakes, Ruby’s instagram page is just the inspiration you need if you’re tempted to get back in the kitchen! Or even, if you think they’re beautiful cakes and bakes you couldn’t possibly make yourself, then you’re in luck! Ruby’s beautiful feed is in fact showcasing her fantastic business. From viola flower decorated brownies, to brilliant tiered cakes covered in a mix of edible flowers, you will definitely find a beautiful creation to meet your needs.

Ruby’s lovely fresh colour palette with beautiful pastel bakes makes it one of our favourites to follow this month. She is now showcasing some beautifully delicate valentines biscuits that look too nice to eat. – The perfect gift for a loved one this valentines.

We can’t get enough of Ruby’s page, and this will definitely be one we’ll be looking out for this year! Follow her instagram page¬†here¬†or head over to her shop.


Erpingham House

buy edible flowers

Erpingham House’s Waldorf Salad garnished with edible Verbena Flowers

The fantastic pinks and floral displays littering Erpingham House’s instagram is most definitely the reason it has hit our top 5 for the month. The most beautiful food and drink is only enhanced by the fabulous decor. This is definitely somewhere we want to try!

Their use of edible flowers is really why it’s set it off for us too. Using edible flowers to garnish both drinks and salads, we feel totally inspired to make any dish beautiful. If their instagram doesn’t leave you wanting to dash out for a summer inspired smoothie garnished with dried edible flowers, then we don’t know what will!

Checkout their beautiful feed here.



Dhiren bao buns garnished with micro cress

On of Dhiren’s dishes garnished with Lemon Balm Micro Cress

Showcasing some fabulously creative fusion dishes, Dhiren’s instagram feed is full of fantastic cookery and garnishes. Made up of bright colours and bold plating, we absolutely love Dhiren’s feed. The creativity behind some of the dishes is brilliant and we are sure he will be inspiring other chefs

His feed shows just how versatile garnishes are; showing that edible flowers are not necessarily restricted to just sweet dishes. Rather, you can use them with tendril peas and take your main to the next level.

The passion behind Dhiren’s feed is so evident and that’s why we’ve got it in our top 5 to follow this month! Check out his dishes over on his instagram here.





buy edible viola flowers

Nisha’s palette cleansers decorated with edible viola flowers

It is obvious from Nisha’s feed just how talented this Masterchef 2018 semi-finalist is. Her dishes range from palette cleansers to cakes and savoury starters, and all of it looks mouthwateringly good.

Nisha garnishes her dishes so well, and that’s why we absolutely love her feed for a bit of foodie inspiration! Working as both a private chef and cafe owner, Nisha’s successful feed demonstrates just how hard she works. Every dish is garnished to perfection and each has its own little touch. We love the fact that she garnishes both sweet and savoury dishes with delicate edible flowers!

If you want to learn a little more about Nisha, then head over to The Nurtured Way. Alternatively, if you just want to soak up the brilliance of her feed, you can access her instagram page here.



one of nurtured's 5000 followers

Nurtured in Norfolk edible flowers on Foodari’s instagram feed

Foodari is one of our brilliant wholesalers and supplies the finest quality produce to the south of England, so of course it secured a spot in our top 5 to follow! We love their personable feed as it showcases brilliant produce in its most raw form. We also love the freshness of their feed! – The early morning starts are beautiful.

If you’re wanting something to freshen up your feed, then Foodari definitely cuts it! You’ll be inspired to make some delicious dishes and to garnish like a pro. Their elf on a shelf was also a lovely one to follow over Christmas! Head over to their page and see for yourself.





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