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Nurtured’s top picks of the week

Radish Pink Stem

Maintains many of the same flavours found in mature radishes, packed with plenty of hot.

Radish Daikon

For maximum nutritional content, the best way to enjoy this micro green is to serve it raw.

Radish Crimson

Offering a vibrant spicy radish flavour with strong grassy notes.

Red Vein Sorrel

Guaranteed to add a tangy tartness to a variety of dishes for your imagination.


The vivid colour of this flower makes them ideal as d├ęcor on any celebration cake.


This micro cress carries a sweet and nutty flavour perfect for a range of dishes.


Deep earthy, nutty flavour that is super nutritious with a tender texture.

Chard Bulls Blood

Add a punch of red colour to any savoury or sweet dish with this micro green.


Used in foods and beverages as a garnish, condiment and flavouring.


Top picks of the week

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