colourful mixed flower arrangement in the shape of a rainbow
17 March 2022

Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat mum to some flowers, and even better, edible flowers! Although looking through a website full of edible flowers can be daunting and it’s hard to know exactly what to choose. Whether you’re making mum a special breakfast, a Sunday roast, or baking her a show stopping cake (or cakes!), you want to get it right! So we thought, instead of choosing any flower, why not let science help you out (kind of), by following our quiz to lead you to the best suited edible flower for the mother figure in your life.

Let’s get started! Keep note of your answers and they’ll lead you to the perfect gift…


1.What’s Mum’s favourite colour?

A. Pink

B. Purple

C. Blue

D. Orange


2. Does Mum like to stay busy?

A. Yes! She’s always busy

B. She’s OK, doesn’t mind being a little busy – she does bits and bobs

C. No, she’s always a bit stressed so doesn’t get much done

D. Mum juggles it all – I think she needs a break


3. Is Mum welcoming to your friends? 

A. Yes! She loves to host a party

B. No, she’s a little more shy

C. Hhm, she is welcoming but definitely not over the top

D. You could say it’s welcoming! She talks so much!


4. What’s Mum’s favourite flavour? 

A. She’s plant based, so she absolutely loves trying a variety of new flavours

B. Sweet! – Just like her

C. Her flavour is all over the place! I wouldn’t say she has a favourite

D. Definitely citrus!


5. What’s Mum’s favourite food?

A. Anything healthy! She’s open and loves fresh flavours

B. Chocolate! Whose favourite food isn’t chocolate?!

C. Beef – She loves its bold flavours

D. Fruit, particularly citrus fruits


6. Is your Mum calm?

A. Hhmm, I’d say it depends on the situation

B. I don’t know, she never really lets on

C. Ohh no, she doesn’t cope well under pressure

D. Yes! Nothing phases her!


7. If she had to choose, what would be her favourite plant?

A. Any plant or flower! – She loves nature

B. Fuchsia – she loves their beautiful originality

C. Nasturtium – she loves anything bold

D. Rose would be her favourite – she loves its strong flavour and intense beauty


8. What’s Mum’s favourite holiday destination? 

A. A cool, vibrant city where she can explore

B. Cold winter holidays are her absolute favourite

C. Hhmm, she doesn’t really like holidays

D. Somewhere hot of course!


Now for the answers…

Mothers day wheel Colourful wheel of Primulas

If you answered mostly A..

Your mum can juggle it all! Your mum loves trying new things and mingling with lots of new people. Nothing seems to phase her and she is happy to go with the flow. We would suggest getting mum a Mother’s Day edible flower selection wheel. You can decorate to your hearts content with this one and you’ll be sure to find a surprise in there that she will love.

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Viola edible flowers in a variety of colours Edible Viola flowers

If you answered mostly B..

Your mum is sweet and caring! She is conscious of other peoples feeling and sometimes she can work a little too hard, which leads her to feeling stressed but not expressing herself! We recommend treating mum to a cake decorated with viola flowers this Mother’s Day. They posses a velvety texture and with a slightly sweet flavour they’ll be perfectly delicate for mum. They’re reminiscent of a wintergreen – staying vibrant in colour even through the wintery months, perfect if she’s wishing she was away in a winter wonderland!

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fresh dianthus edible flowers Edible Dianthus flowers

If you answered mostly C..

Your mum really goes with the flow! Your mums flavour palette is varied and can go from intense flavour to more mild flavours. This is similar in her day-to-day – she is often bold in her decisions, but this can result in her getting stressed. If your mum needs a break this Mother’s Day but craves flavoursome food, dianthus edible flowers are a great choice. With bright colours from lilacs to reds and pinks and flavours going from sweet to spicy, dianthus is a great surprise for mum this Mother’s Day. Why not treat her to breakfast in bed decorated with these delicate edible flowers?

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fresh Tagete edible flowers Edible Tagete flowers

If you answered mostly D..

Your mum is bold! She loves tart citrus flavours and is incredibly courageous, she is always putting herself out there! We know the perfect flower that will be just right for your mums taste and bold personality: Tagetes. Also known as marigolds, tagetes lift any plate or cake with bright yellow and orange colours, and even brighter flavours. With a citrus taste, tagete edible flowers will set off any lemon drizzle loaf you bake mum this Mother’s Day. Tiny Tagetes sprinkled over the top would act as a beautiful decoration, buy the dried Tagetes to achieve this look.

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fresh mimulus edible flowers Edible Mimulus flowers

If your answers were a little of everything..

Don’t panic! We recommend getting some Mimulus (or MUMulus!) edible flowers. Each flower is unique in bold and pale colours and spotted petals. Mums eyes will be mesmerised by these and they can be used to decorate and garnish absolutely anything. These delicate little flowers will set off any breakfast in bed, cake or bake, starter or main, drink or dessert! Make Mother’s Day special this year and serve up beautiful dishes she’ll be proud of.

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