Edible Flowers are naturally bright and beautiful, that’s why we enjoy putting them on show in vases. They brighten up the room!

But did you know a selection of Nurtured in Norfolk flowers are actually edible too. Some are delicate and fragrant whereas others have a bit more bite to them.


Take Roses for instance. The petals are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, add them to tea and you have a stress buster brew.

Beautiful Borage flowers are an amazing source of fatty acids, which is great news for balancing hormonal systems.

Nasturtium flowers, we know the leaves are edible but did you know the spicy, peppery flavoured flowers are edible too? Not only that they are full of vitamin C!

Culinary use Flowers

The flowers ‘Nurtured in Norfolk’ supply are not just a beautiful decoration for a dish in a chef’s restaurant. They are also very important to us because of their concentration in nutrients that are essential for body health.

Chefs are using our hand grown flowers not only as a garnish but now as an extra element of depth and flavour to a plate. Combining a mixture of colour, shape, texture and flavour to enhance any dish.

Using the flavour of the edible flowers, micro cress and bunched herbs to infuse into oils and gels. They are also infused into, sorbets, ice-cream, soups and stock.

We advise to use our decorative flowers sparingly as the flavour and nutrients can go a long way in culinary preparation.

So next time you think of adding variety to a salad or meal don’t rule out adding edible flowers as another colourful healthy dimension.

Pressed and Dried Flowers for Baking

Since the creation of our Pressed and Dried flower range we’ve seen a huge uptake in the use of our flowers for baking decorations. Most common, as a cake decoration, given the edible quality of our flowers they’re just perfect for this use. Plus the pressed and dried flowers 6 month shelf life means you can prepare in advance for all your cake decorating needs.

There’s so much more to flowers, we grow over 200 varieties for some of the country’s top chefs, restaurants and wholesalers. You can shop our entire edible flower collection below by clicking on the pink flower icon.

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