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Fennel, Baby Veg

Fennel, Baby Veg

Did you know? The botanical name for fennel is Foeniculum Vulgare. You can also shop Bronze Fennel Leaves on our website.

Taste: Liquorice flavoured feathery leaves. Sweet and releases an anise aroma when eaten.

Uses: Use as a garnish for almost any main course. Alternatively, make it the star and use it within salads, or as a side to meats and fruit dishes.

Health Benefits: Fennel contains Vitamins A and C, niacin and potassium. As well as small amounts of calcium, iron, protein and carbohydrates. Fennel is also low in fat and calories.

May Contain Celery/Mustard
Country Of Origin
South Africa
Seasonal Availability
Year Round
Shelf Life
5 Days
Keep Refrigerated

Fennel, Baby Veg


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