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Micro Shiso Cress

Micro Shiso Cress

Did you know? Micro Shiso Cress is most often used in Northeast Asian cooking and often gets paired with fish.

Taste: Earthy and spicy flavour with an aroma that is reminiscent of cinnamon and sage.

Uses: Best used as a garnish as purple shiso cannot withstand high heats. Use alongside pear, apple, cabbage, lemongrass, onion, lime, wasabi. As well as mint, cilantro, melon, soy sauce, sesame, sea urchin, fried foods, oily fish and rice. Why not try as a garnish to noodle stir-fries!

Health Benefits: Micro Shiso Cress contains calcium, iron, potassium, antioxidants, and vitamins A and C.

May Contain Celery/Mustard
Country Of Origin
United Kingdom, Israel
Seasonal Availability
Year Round
Shelf Life
5 Days
Keep Refrigerated

Micro Shiso Cress


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