Clotted Cream Panna Cotta with Maserati’s Strawberries, Lemon Crumble, Strawberry and Basil Sorbet

Luke Aston


  • Semi-Skimmed Milk (125ml)
  • Vanilla Pod, Split and Seeds Scraped (1)
  • Caster Sugar (60g)
  • Cornish Clotted Cream (450g)
  • Gelatine Leaves (6g)
  • Butter (100g)
  • Caster Sugar (75g)
  • Egg (1)
  • Lemon Zest (1)
  • Plain Flour (200g)
  • Stock Syrup (100g)
  • Strawberries (100g)
  • Strawberry and Basil Puree (500g)
  • Stock Syrup (250g)
  • Strawberries (500g)
  • Icing Sugar (50g)


To make the Panna Cotta:

  1.  Heat up the milk, sugar and vanilla to around 80°
  2. Soak the gelatine
  3. Pour milk over gelatine and whisk in clotted cream (do not boil it as it will split)

For the Lemon Crumble:

  1. Add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix all together to form a dough
  2. Roll this out and bake at 160° for around 7 minutes
Strawberries :
  1. Soak the strawberries in stock syrup for a few hours
  1. Whisk purée together with stock syrup and churn in a machine (If you don’t have an cream machine, freeze the mix and then blend it and re-freeze)
  1. Steam the Strawberry’s with icing sugar in a vac lag bag for 1 hour and then pass

Plate all components as you desire, and garnish!

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