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Red Watercress is Back!

Red Watercress is an aquatic plant species with the botanical name ‘Nasturtium‘, please do not mistaken or get confused with the unrelated group of edible leaves. Watercress is one of the oldest known leaf vegetables consumed by humans, even today. Being a member of the ‘brassicaceae family‘, which is botanically related to garden cress, mustard, radish and wasabi – which all have the similar sharp spicy taste and appetising flavour.

Red Watercress was found growing wild, in the tropical wetlands of the Florida Everglades, and now the plant has been domesticated and sold here at Nurtured in Norfolk.


What does Red Watercress taste like?

Our Baby red watercress has small textured leaves that resemble their mature plant. The leaves are deeply veined and have a tender texture, with a striking deep red to purple colour. This micro green offers a high profile pepper flavour with mild mustard-like notes.


When is Red Watercress in Season?

Red watercress is available all year round at Nurtured in Norfolk. We nurture and supply the highest quality micro cress to all of our customers, top chefs and restaurants.

Watercress, as like all our products here at Nurtured are set through a procedure to ensure that they meet quality criteria requirements of all our customers. This meaning that nothing but the best is delivered to you, ready to be washed and used how you wish.


How would chefs use Red Watercress?

Being a very versatile micro green, all Watercress can be eaten raw in a leafy green and vibrant salad, sandwiches or simply used as a decorative garnish by adding to soups and sauces. Use Watercress for an extremely healthy alternative to spinach in your everyday cooking, such as; omelettes, quiches and even pancake fillings.

Celebrate the unique taste of this seasonal vegetable with us and share all of your innovative creations through our social media, at @nurturedinnorfolk & @thenurturedway.


What is the nutritional value of Red Watercress?

All varieties of watercress have plenty of vitamins, and outweighs many of the most popular fruits and veggies. Containing a significant amount of iron, potassium and calcium. Watercress also provides an incredible high concentration of antioxidants in addition to vitamins A and vitamins C. It’s also used to improve appetite, digestion, kill germs and as a ‘spring tonic’.

In herbal medicine, watercress has been known to be used as a type of blood purifier and a tonic for the liver. It’s also known that some people apply watercress directly to the skin for arthritis, eczema and warts.



Want to know more?

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