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Ribble Farm’s Trending Produce

December’s Trending Produce 

As you can imagine the festive period plays a massive part in popular produce during this time of year with December being no exception. Here’s a look at the top three fresh produce items our customer’s want this Christmas.


Brussel Sprout

Alas, the humble Brussel Sprout could be classed as one of our more popular vegetables this winter. Although hated by many and loved by some this little vegetable is a staple feature on any festive plate. With the rise of veganism, Brussel Sprouts are beginning to get a new makeover. Whether being shredded and used as an alternative to cabbage in coleslaw or being spiced using cumin, chilli and paprika, it’s certain that people are looking for new ways to view the sprout. Brussel Sprouts are certainly still the Marmite of the vegetable world but just like with many other English traditions, the use of Sprouts at Christmas is likely to never cease.



Christmas traditions play a big part in this month’s trends and our leafy clementine’s continue this theme. More popular than ever these leafy clementine’s taste fantastic at this time of the year and are the perfect addition to any fruit bowl or dish. Ideal to make a clementine sorbet or clementine and chocolate tart. Or for the more traditional pop a leafy clementine at the bottom of your stockings!



Cranberries, cranberries, cranberries! A very understated berry, this little red berry only tends to steal the spotlight in December. Ideal for sauces, drinks and pairing with cheeses, fresh cranberries are a delight. Here at Ribble Farm Fare, dried cranberries are also extremely popular especially when combined with mincemeat to make delicious cranberry-studded mince pies. December is certainly the season for our customer’s cranberry fix.


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