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Baby Leeks

Baby Leeks are crisp when raw & have a delicate quality when cooked. Offering a tasty, sweetly mild, yet complex onion flavour.

Baby Carrots

Baby Carrots distinguish themselves in size & a grassy taste of parsley. They are much more tender & much sweeter than their mature plant.

Baby Lettuce

Baby Lettuce has a buttery texture & an incredibly mellow, nutty & sweet flavour.

Baby Fennel

Baby Fennel produces liquorice flavoured feathery leaves. It’s sweet & releases an anise aroma when eaten.

Rainbow Carrots

The variety include orange, yellow & purple, making for a perfect array of tender-crisp, sweet & earthy carrots.

Micro Radish

They have the texture of watercress & some of it’s flavour, but with a great mustardy bite as well.

Nurtured's Baby and Micro veg

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