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Anglia Produce

“We at Anglia Produce love working with Nurtured in Norfolk.  The range and quality of products is second to none, and the list seems to be ever ‘growing’ .  They are always happy to help with advise to help our chefs get the right garnish for their dishes. They are an important part of helping the young chefs of today as well.  When it comes to helping with the local colleges and their cooking students they are always happy to send products for them to taste and use in their dishes.”



Harwoods of London

“Nurtured In Norfolk are a unique company that offers an incredible range of products to wholesalers at competitive prices. They are friendly, reliable and great to do business with, putting wholesalers first and always delivering a high quality product and service. I highly recommend them.”




“We’ve been working with Nurtured in Norfolk for 2 years now, and have seen great growth in our sales of Micro Herbs, Peashoots, Edible Flowers and Culinary Herbs on the back of their innovative product range and consistently outstanding quality”



Accent Fresh 

“All I can say really is that I always enjoy bringing my customers to nurtured in Norfolk as I find them to be one of our most inspirational suppliers and allan is so engaging and welcoming with giving up his time.”




“Nurtured in Norfolk deliver a stunning range of edible flowers and micro cress and quality is always spot on. The variety of flowers available are highly requested for menus, patisseries and bars. The diverse product range provides our customers with endless choice.”



DDP Limited

“D.D.P. is renowned for supplying the highest quality fresh produce from the UK and around the world. It’s thanks to successful, long standing partnerships with companies such as Nurtured in Norfolk that enables D.D.P. to offer its customers high quality produce. Herbs, micro-herbs and the fresh produce industry is general is extremely unpredictable with regards to weather, availability and pricing.

Nurtured in Norfolk are a solid supplier with excellent customer service and amazing products to match. New and innovative microherbs and similar products come through on a regular basis, which is important to our customers. With the owners being ex-chefs, they completely understand what we are trying to achieve and ultimately what our chefs need.”

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