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The Health Benefits of Mint

We grow lots of different types of Mint here at Nurtured in Norfolk, everything from Apple Mint to Chocolate to your classic Peppermint. It doesn’t just go great in a curry, or finish off a Mojito to the finest detail, it also has an impressive range of health benefits too!

Per 100 Gram portion of the herb, Mint provides micrograms of an organic natural colouring called Beta-Carotene which is said to be beneficial to human health especially aiming towards preventing cardio-vascular disease. As well as this, Mint is one of the highest providers of antioxidants in food, antioxidants are basically a natural substance that the body uses to counteract the decline of stored food products, such as Fats.

Other health benefits of mint we’ve found are its pain relief benefits, if Mint is made into hot tea, it’s not only delicious but can act as a form of aspirin and can ensure pain relief symptoms. For those of you with IBS – a clinical trial carried out on 75% of patients with IBS had a 50% decrease in the symptoms after digesting peppermint oil for 4 weeks!

Mint is a stimulant and helps the digestive enzymes which takes nutrience from food to help breakdown and consume fat more efficiently, therefore, having mint in your diet can really help you to lose weight and maintain a balanced diet.. wahey!

Mint has also been proven to reduce the risk of cracking in women who breastfeed, peppermint water can be used to prevent and heal the nipple after breastfeeding and has been proven to reduce cracks by 9%.

So, there you have it – short and sweet guide to how Mint can really work for everyone!

Essentially Mint, is a Super Herb! Can have many benefits, and incorporating Mint into your diet could potentially have great health benefits as well as being fresh, unique and powerful in taste.

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