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The Plant Based Podcast

Partners in plants, Ellen Mary and Mr Plant Geek are releasing a brand new plant based podcast that is about anything that can be tracked back to their love of PLANTS.

Becoming a popular trend, more people than ever are appreciating the importance of plants. Whether it’s in a plant-based diet or simply a fun shelf of unusual and unique houseplants you may not have heard of.

Both sharing interests in plants since childhood, and having a combined 35 years experience in the industry, the two most loved gardening bloggers have ‘not just created a gardening podcast… this is The Plant Based Podcast.’

Make sure to subscribe to either iTunes, Spotify or their multiple other platforms to make sure you don’t miss out on your daily dose on the world of plants, in EVERY form.

“Plants you grow, plants you can eat, plants you can wear, plants that make you feel good, even plants you can eat your dinner off” – Ellen Mary Gardening


Listen to the Preview here.


Nurtured in Norfolk’s Alex Drane tell’s both Ellen Mary and Mr Plant Geek all about our edible flowers that we grow in our greenhouses. How they are easier to grow from seed than you may think and how you can use them as an ingredient in your culinary world.

Choosing the top 5 most popular edible flowers with our customers, Borage, Cornflowers, Violas, Nasturtiums and Alyssum. Read our article with The Plant Based Podcast here.

‘The Tasty World of Edible Flowers’ podcast reaches the library on 5th May 2019 – Keep up to date with our blog or social media channels below to find out more insights within our world.


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