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Top 10 Herbs and Edible flowers to use this Christmas

Christmas herbs and edible flowers can be tricky to use, but we’ll show you the best recipes to use them in to add a bit of flair this Christmas.

As Christmas rolls quickly around, this is the perfect opportunity to start thinking of those Christmas menus.

We’ve got the perfect Christmas herbs and edible flowers you can use to impress your guests this season. From Sage to Chocolate Mint, you’ll be sure to find an ingredient that will excite.

Lets get stuck in with the top 10 herbs and edible flowers to use this Christmas…



christmas herbs

Lavender and Orange Christmas shortbread

This highly fragrant edible flower may be a surprise to some of your guests this Christmas! However, lavender has a biblical story behind it. Used to wash Jesus’ swaddling clothes, lavender would be the perfect addition to your festive bakes.

Not only can this be used in your bakes, but it is also a popular scent for women, so would make the perfect gift!

Try a deliciously festive lavender and orange shortbread recipe here.



Christmas herbs

Sage and Onion Stuffing

Perhaps a more traditional Christmas herb, sage is a must-have this season.

Known now as the herb of immortality, sage holds a religious legend. According to legend, Mary and baby Jesus hid in a large blooming sage bush when hiding from King Herod. This makes sage perfectly symbolic at Christmas time.

Raymond Blanc provides a flavourful sage and onion stuffing recipe here, packed with even more herbs including thyme, bay leaf, and parsley!




Christmas recipe

Turkey with thyme

A symbol of happiness and courage, thyme is a herb everyone wants present at Christmas. Legend has it, Joseph cut branches of thyme from its bush to provide a bed for Mary and baby Jesus. 

With perfumed leaves and a woodsy flavour, thyme can be used to enhance both savoury and sweet recipes.

Intensify your turkey this year with a superb, easy to follow thyme recipe here.




Christmas herbs and edible flowers

Rose and chocolate truffles

The second edible flower we recommend you use this Christmas season is roses.

Known as a traditional Christmas flower, roses are the best edible flower to bring to your table this season. Also known as a Snow Rose, or Winter Rose, according to legend, roses are linked to the birth of Christ.

With its intense flavour and aroma, roses will be sure to impress your guests.

If you’re unsure how to bring such a perfumed flavour to your Christmas recipes, try a fantastic rose infused chocolate truffle recipe here. These would make the perfect after dinner treat, or even a gift for your loved ones!



Christmas cocktail

Rosemary Christmas cocktail

One of the most popular cooking herbs, rosemary is a staple this Christmas. Although often used when cooking lamb, we suggest you can use rosemary differently this season.

According to legend, rosemary bloomed and bore fruit on the night Jesus was born, making it an excellent addition to your Christmas recipes.

With a pungent and pine-like taste, we recommend adding rosemary to your veg this Christmas. Graham Campbell provides a fantastic recipe. Also, for a tasty tipple you can try rosemary in a festive cocktail. 




Chocolate Mint

Christmas herbs

Chocolate Christmas pudding garnished with chocolate mint

Dried fruit is no longer the only festive ingredient people love to enjoy for dessert, but chocolate has become a popular staple too.

During the 19th Century, the traditional fireplace was replaced with heating appliances, and this meant that logs of wood were used for decoration instead. Pastry chefs then had the idea to create chocolate logs, which explains why chocolate is now seen in Christmas traditions all over the world.

We suggest combining new tradition with old, and creating a Christmas pudding with chocolate. Chocolate Mint can then be used to garnish, as it subtly compliments the chocolate whilst providing a refreshing mint tang.



Winter Savory 

Christmas herbs and edible flowers

Herby Christmas stuffing

Winter savory is a particularly peppery herb, which makes it the perfect addition for any Christmas roast. Rich in flavour, savory is also excellent if you’re hoping for a reduced salt Christmas dinner.

A combination of the flavours of thyme, rosemary and sage, savory can be used to flavour stuffing and is worth considering as an alternative to sage.

Try a quick and easy stuffing recipe, where you can swap the sage for savory, here.




Apple Blossom 

Christmas strudel

Wintery apple, cranberry and pecan strudel

A Christmas superstition supposes that eating an apple on Christmas Eve will bring good health in the year to come.  Why not enhance your use of apple on your Christmas menus further, with apple blossom edible flowers.

The beautifully elegant red edible flower will likely impress your guests this festive season, whilst appealing to their taste buds with a deliciously sweet flavour.

We recommend adding apple blossom as a garnish on your Christmas desserts. Try a delicious Apple, Cranberry and Pecan Strudel recipe that you could add them to here.



Christmas herbs

Turkey with a Parsley rub


Parsley has notable health benefits, including its uses to reduce bloating and high blood pressure. Thats why we think parsley would make an excellent addition this Christmas.

With a fresh flavour and a hint of citrus, parsley would fit well with any meat this season.

We recommend using it with a butter rub on your turkey. Try a delicious Gordon Ramsey recipe here.



Pineapple Sage Flowers

Christmas herbs and edible flowers

Christmas log to garnish with Pineapple Sage Flowers

The last, but certainly not the least, edible flower on the list is pineapple sage flowers.

Although pineapple sage flowers don’t possess any Christmas legends, they still make for an elegant, flavourful garnish. With a rich flavour, bursting with citrus and mint, these colourful flowers would be the perfect addition to any of your Christmas bakes.

We recommend adding them to a Christmas Yule log to add a bright pop of red. Try a tasty recipe here – you could swap out the decorative redcurrants for a few sprigs of pineapple sage flowers!

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