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What are Baby Figs?

The Baby Fig is an easy and nutritious snack, tastes figgin’ delicious and has an excellent shelf life, when refrigerated.

Baby Figs are grown on the Ficus tree, which is a member of the Mulberry family. Baby Figs are botanically an inverted flowers and each baby fig is not a single fruit, but nearly fifteen hundred tiny fruits.


What does Baby Figs taste like?

Baby Figs are packed with full flavour sweetness, juiciness and with a very distinct fig taste. Its dark maroon skin is soft, needs no peeling and is much firmer than standard fig varieties, making it very convenient for a no mess no fuss eating.

One of the world’s oldest fruit trees, the Baby Fig has a unique, sweet taste, soft and chewy texture and are covered with slightly crunchy, edible seeds.


When are Baby Figs in season?

Baby Figs are available from February – May at Nurtured in Norfolk. We nurture and supply the highest quality baby veg to all of our customers, top chefs and restaurants.

The Baby Fig performs very well in humid conditions and can withstand rainy conditions very well, having a tolerance for cold climates.


How would chefs use Baby Figs?

When Baby Figs are blended with savoury ingredients, such as salt, cocoa or spices, baby figs can produce a slightly ‘meaty’ taste that has an almost  smoky -like aroma and taste.

Baby Figs can be stuffed, folded into cake batter, tossed in a salad or halved and baked in or on top of a tart.

Baby figs pair very well with balsamic vinegar, wine, cinnamon, chocolate, honey, walnuts, lamb, shallots, thyme, other sweet fruits, cured meats and cheeses.


What is the nutritional value of Baby Figs?

Baby Figs offer a healthy dose of dietary fibre, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants.

Baby Figs are also very rich in calcium offering one of the highest contents found in the edible plant world. In both their fresh and dried form Baby Figs.

Want to know more?

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