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What are Kalettes?

Kalettes is a hybrid cross between Brussel sprouts and kale, packed full with flavour and nutrition and a vegetable that deserves a lot more attention. Growing on stalks as thick and tall as Brussel sprouts but, instead of sprouts, they are ruffled leaves, gathering in tiny little bunches, that are incredibly crunchy and intricately textured.

What do Kalettes taste like?

Kalettes have a frilled and variegated foliage that’s dual toned in shades of grey-green and violet purple, with a texture that is tender-crisp and flavour, sweet yet complex with undertones of nuts, pepper and classic brassica.


When are Kalettes in season?

Kalettes are available December-February at Nurtured in Norfolk. We nurture and supply the highest quality baby vegetables to all of our customers, top chefs and restaurants.


How would chefs use Kalettes?

This sweet, nutty, mild and exquisite vegetable comes into its full potential in these cold winter days. Pair palettes with apples or oranges, tomato or cheese, beets or onions – or add freshness to your stir fry. No matter how you decide to serve the Kalette, they will guarantee to grace your winter table, surprising and delighting all your customers and diners.

Kalettes are meant to be showcased on a plate, and are best suited as an appetiser, a salad component or as an additional item to protein.
When prepared raw they are best served as accompaniment to a first course. The best methods for cooking palettes are lightly sautéing or briefly pan-roasting.
Favourable companions include textured greens both mild and savoury, citrus, mint, pomegranates, almonds, butter, bacon, pancetta, thyme, rosemary and garlic to name a few..

Fans of the vegetable say it’s extremely more versatile and quicker to cook than their parents other vegetables.


What is the nutritional value of Kalettes?

Kalettes contains a very high amount of vitamin C, a very powerful antioxidant (cleansing and repairing) that boosts your immune system and protect your cells.

Vitamin A, which is offering growth regulation of virtually all your cells, protects your sight, is vital for your immune system and is a first defence against infection.

Folate, essential for your DNA creation and repair, lowers your risk of heart disease and cancer, regulates inflammation, prevents birth defects and is essential for your brain.

Vitamin K & B6 for your immune system, and contributing to oxygen circulations for your to feel happy!

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