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What to do on Lock Down to keep morale high

Keeping morale high through this unprecedented time is not easy, but here at Nurtured in Norfolk, we’re ensuring everyone stays positive and remain connected as the Nurtured Team.

Due to Covid-19, and the need to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers, Nurtured in Norfolk had to close their doors for the foreseeable future. Although not forever, this change of pace felt scary and uncertain for many. Hence, a few from the Nurtured Team decided to make a Whatsapp group chat for everyone to stay connected, and excited for when we return to normal.

The group chat with 50+ employees has gone down so well and is certainly something we would recommend to any company or group.

We always knew that we’d got a great bunch here at Nurtured, but just some of the comments in the group chat really evidences this –


“Thank you to you all for being so positive and so patient in waiting for updates xx” 


“Stay sane and positive all. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is not going to be forever. We are all in it together. Miss you guys.” 


“Thank you so much Allan and Sue, that’s some great positive news”


edible viola flowers, purple

Not only is everyone greeting one another with the usual smile each morning (albeit, an emoji smile), but it has proved a great opportunity to share ideas and suggestions with everyone about what to do when on lock down.

So, we thought, why not reach that positivity even further, and share with our followers our top suggestions to keep yourself busy with whilst adhering to government guidelines:


  • Gardening, gardening, and more gardening. What better time than now to get some fresh air and spend time with your loved ones (or alone) doing some garden maintenance just before summer. To avoid going stir crazy inside, and ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin D, chopping the hedges, weeding the garden and planting some flowers is a brilliant way to brighten your day. – It is certainly something we miss doing in our greenhouses!

gardening during lock down

  • Getting creative in the kitchen. Although we unfortunately can’t supply fresh garnishes, herbs and flowers at this time, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your dishes in the kitchen. You can even menu plan and brainstorm new ideas and pencil little garnishes in for later.
  • Puzzles. It seems April showers are certainly on their way, so puzzles are the perfect indoor activity. Sparing yourself the family arguments involved with board games, puzzles are a brilliant way to distract your mind and feel a sense of achievement. They have certainly proved popular amongst the Nurtured Team.

parrot impatien edible flowers

  • Home improvements. If you previously didn’t have the time, then now is the time! Grab that pot of paint in the corner of your garage and tidy up those spots you previously turned a blind eye to.
  • Blogging. During a lock down like this, it can feel very isolating, so its great to know that everyone’s in the same boat. We recommend following your favourite blog, or even creating your own, to feel more of a connection to others in this time, and even share ideas and activities. If you’re looking for a little more product knowledge, or need a little inspiration to begin menu planning, be sure to check out the range of blog posts on our website.


If you have any recommendations for us, of any activities you’ve been enjoying, be sure to connect with our social media channels and share your ideas!

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