13 March 2019
The Nurtured Way

MasterChef 2019 Chefs – Thomas Knight

This year, Thomas Knight takes on MasterChef cooking and competing through a variety of heats, quarter finals and knockouts until the ultimate winner is crowned. Gregg Wallace and John Torode judge the dishes being served – with all the action, tantrums, successes and burning disasters caught on camera. The winner goes away with a trophy and the prestige of being The MasterChef of the series.

Thomas Knight, aged 25 from Devon has always had a massive passion for food but never really done anything with it. He currently work’s for his family business in Devon as a stone Sawyer, supplying people granite for kitchen worktops.

We spoke to Chef Thomas to find out more about his experience on the BBC1 show…

What was the reason in taking part in MasterChef ?

I decided to take part in the competition as my friends and family told me I should as I would be good on it, but I also wanted to take part for personal reasons. I wanted to see for myself if I was good enough to do something like this, especially food based.


Is there a way to handle the criticism from the judges?

Yes, they are the judges but with food it can be preference sometimes. I also just try and use it to better myself for next time.


What is the atmosphere like in the kitchen cooking alongside other chefs?

The atmosphere is of course nerve racking but we are all in the same boat and everyone is so supportive, so it makes for a very special environment.


What is your approach to the imagination and creation of your dishes?

One thing I really like to do is leave someone thinking about what they just ate, by making it a little interesting. I’m normally looking for that to make it a little unique.


What is your cooking style and what can people expect from your food?

I love to cook on fire outside, I can’t really do that in the show but that’s how I like to cook in the summer at home.
I would hope people will see that I have some skills maybe beyond my years as a younger cook. I do like technical cooking and using a ingredient in many different ways.


What is your greatest accomplishment during your time on MasterChef so far?

My pasta dish that I cooked for Jay Rayner. Jay’s and the judges comments were amazing, I think I smiled for weeks.


Has there been any downsides?

No downsides for me, everything is part of the MasterChef journey – as cheesy as that may sound.


Would there be anything you would change so far and would you recommend to a friend?

There are always things you would change, but in hindsight it’s a wonderful thing but nothing I regret.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would consider entering the MasterChef kitchen or just wants to challenge themselves.