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We nurture and supply a huge variety of edible leaves, each differing in flavour and appearance. Furthermore, if you want an elegance, modern garnish to take your cooking to that MasterChef level, then why not explore our delicate leaves. Shop our full range of fresh and pressed edible leaves direct from Nurtured in Norfolk.
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  • Browse our edible leaves to bring a natural and plant-based finish to a variety of popular culinary applications. We grow a range of leaves, from variegated Nasturtiums and Amaranth leaves to Mushroom leaves, that give you all the flavour of mushrooms, without the need to grow them yourselves.

    Our edible leaves contain plenty of great health benefits. This makes the leaves both appealing to the eye, and great for healthy eaters. For example, why not change your vegetable starters or mains by using Butterfly Sorrel leaves as a unique garnish.

  • At Nurtured in Norfolk, we believe beautiful garnishes can be added to any dish – starter, main or desserts. Moreover, we recommend using our wide range of edible mint tips to liven up meat dishes, drink, and puddings. Our mint tips come in a variety of tastes including apple, spearmint, orange, pineapple, and lemon just to name a few! However, choose your taste wisely and be sure to pick with the dish, dessert, or drink in mind.

    Our selection of edible leaves offers an easy way to enhance many dishes and canapés. With a variety of shapes, flavours, and colours to choose from. It’s the perfect edible garnish to add that little something extra to grazing platters, sauces, pesto’s and more. In addition, our leaves can be used to decorate sweet dishes, desserts and even a range of traditional cocktails. Each leaf can be used individually as a garnish, or they can be tossed together to make a flavourful micro green or grain salad.

    So next time you think of adding a little something extra to a salad or meal. Don’t rule out adding edible leaves as another colourful and healthy dimension.

  • Each leaf is hand-picked, then pressed to preserve their delicate nature and colour. Bang of trend, our range of pressed edible leaves are perfect for cake decorating of all occasions including weddings, birthdays and more.

    What makes our pressed leaves even better is their 6-month shelf life. If you only need one or two pressed leaves for your baking decoration and want to ensure you’re not wasting any, do not fear! If kept in their sealed bag in a dry and room temperature cupboard, our pressed edible leaves will last 6 months.

I continue to use Nurtured in Norfolk for their quality of produce and wide range of varieties.

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