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Micro & Baby Vegetables add vibrant colours and flavours to plenty of meals and dishes. Want to make your cooking a little more modern? Why not buy Baby Vegetables and Micro Vegetables to try on your menus for all seasons. Also, because these vegetables are young, they have an added sweetness. This sweetness means that our Baby & Micro Veg can accompany any starter or main course. Shop our full range of Micro & Baby Vegetables direct from Nurtured in Norfolk.
More Information
  • Browse our Micro & Baby Vegetables to bring a fresh and plant-based finish to a variety of popular home cooked meals and elegant dishes. We grow a range of Baby & Micro Veg, from rainbow and orange Baby Carrots to Micro Cucamelons that look like watermelons and taste like cucumbers.

    Our range of vegetables also have great nutritional value. For example, Specialty Produce notes that Baby Golden Beetroots contains vitamins A and C. Which has been shown to aid in the body’s detoxification process. This happens because it helps to activate and process unwanted toxins. Baby Carrots are also an excellent source of fibre and vitamin A. Micro & Baby Veg is therefore great for those wanting to eat healthy.

  • If you are looking at introducing a unique range of vegetables, with new flavours and colours into your seasonal or family meals, then you’ve reached the right shop. Our vegetables contain a rare range of Baby & Micro Veg, that are highly used in the culinary world. Choose Baby Carrots for the perfect ingredient for cakes and desserts or our rainbow-coloured Baby Beets, which can be roasted, steamed, pureed, or even eaten raw!

    Why not compliment your Baby Vegetables with some fantastic Bunched Herbs or Microgreens.

Nurtured in Norfolk supply the very best produce. I have been using them for years, in particular their Baby & Micro Vegetables. They have a range of varieties that offer different tastes and colours.

Tom Aikens (Muse Restaurant)