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We nurture and supply the highest quality of Micro Cress and garnishes to many of the UK’s top chefs and restaurants. With delicate flavours, and tiny leaves, our Micro Herbs are an elegant addition to any sweet or savoury meal. Used in baking, cooking, garnishing and cake decoration, our Microgreens are incredibly versatile. Shop our full range of Micro Herbs direct from Nurtured in Norfolk.
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  • Browse our Micro cress range to bring a flavourful and plant-based finish to a variety of popular sweet and savoury foods. Different from your typical definition of cress, our Micro Herbs have been described as “Superb for decoration and colour, which also taste great”.

    The Micro Cress ‘Nurtured in Norfolk’ supply are not just a beautiful decoration for a dish. They are also very important to us because of their concentration in nutrients that are essential health. A study compared three types of Microgreens to its mature plant.

    Check out the full study below and how they found that content of minerals in Microgreens was a lot higher than the mature plant.

    A Mineral Rich Crop That Can Diversify Food Systems

  • As the flavour of Microgreens is much concentrated than their mature herb, Micro Cress has a far more intense taste than their size would let on. In conclusion, you won’t need to use as much to add a kick of fresh, herbal vibrance to your culinary preparations. Micro Cress is pretty, but pretty good for you too!

    Micro Herbs are a great way to enhance a variety of foods, from fresh green salads and sandwiches to your winter soups and stews. Garnishes accent your dishes, giving them an extra lift of flavour, whereas our Micro Cress range serves more as an ingredient to a recipe. Building layers of colour, texture, and flavour to many sweet and savoury dishes.

    No matter what flavour or colour you are looking for, Nurtured in Norfolk have over 70 varieties to choose from. If you’re looking for something spicy, our Micro Radish and Mustard ranges can add a healthy kick to foods. As a rule, Micro Herbs have a much more intense flavour than their full-sized vegetable and herb forms. So, when stuck for choice, choose a Microgreen variety of an herb or vegetable that you already enjoy eating.

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