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Pea Shoots continue to grow in popularity, and that’s why we believe they are an essential garnish in modern cooking. Peas and Shoots shot to fame through cookery shows. Chefs on Masterchef: The Professionals frequently use Tendril or Salad Peas to impress the judges. Shop our full range of Pea Shoots and Microgreens direct from Nurtured in Norfolk.
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  • Browse our Micro Pea Shoots to bring a fresh and plant-based finish to a variety of popular main meals and cuisines. We grow a range of Peas and Shoots, from bright yellow Sweetcorn Shoots and Golden Peas to Tendril and Salad Peas, that possess a fresh-like Pea flavour.

    We only grow and harvest the best Peas and Shoots, which are mostly available all year round. With a crunchy texture and fresh taste, Pea Shoots are extremely delicious. But did you know they are particularly high in vitamins and nutrients too.

  • When looking for edible garnishes, our Micro Pea Shoots are often an essential statement for many customers, and we can really see why! With a flavour just as distinct as their look, and vibrant colours, they’re bound to be a winner for all your guests.

    Nurtured in Norfolk’s Peas and Shoots work well with a variety of dishes. From Baby Vegetables, like Carrots and Beetroots to pasta dishes, Micro Peas are so versatile. When thinking which dishes to garnish with Peashoots, the opportunities are endless!

    Peas and Shoots are best suited for raw culinary preparations. Try using Tendril or Salad Micro Peas in a salad, they can be used alone, or tossed with other leaves. These hearty and leafy peas will compliment a lemon juice dressing, or any vegan dishes very well. Although Salad and Tendril Micro Peas are the most classic and popular shoots you think of when someone says ‘pea shoots’. We do have other shoots available to shop too. Including, Sweetcorn Shoots (Popcorn Shoots), Golden Peas and Sunflower Shoots.

I have been using Nurtured in Norfolk’s produce for many years now and I have never been disappointed with their quality and variety of produce. Their product adds the finishing touch to any savoury or sweet dishes that we have on our menu. Keep up the good work.

Terry Balme (The Hog, Pakefield)