6 December 2018
The Nurtured Way

MasterChef: The Professionals 2018 Chefs – Michelle Trusselle

This year, Michelle Trusselle takes on Masterchef: The Professionals, cooking and competing through a variety of heats, quarter finals and knockouts until the ultimate winner is crowned. Greg Wallace, Marcus Wareing and Monica Galetti judge the dishes being served – with all the action, tantrums, successes and burning disasters caught on camera. The winner goes away with a trophy and the prestige of being The Professional Masterchef of the series.

Born and bred in London, Michelle finished school at 16 and immediately applied and was accepted to the acclaimed Westminster Culinary Arts College. After graduating from College after 3 years with NVQs and a Professional Chefs Diploma she had already been trained in some of London’s best known establishments including The Savoy  and Claridges. After completing her education, Michelle went on to work in restaurants under highly respected chefs to learn as much as she could. Michelle spent years at the one Michelin starred restaurant La Trompette both before and after gaining their respectable Michelin star accolade. Michelle has also spent time being a personal private chef and has catered for lords, royalty, fashion designers, former Prime Ministers and local families under her own brand Minklez. Michelle is currently Head Chef of Hospitality/Fine Dining for a consultancy firm in London and is also working on her own supperclub, ‘Myristica by Michelle Trusselle’ a modern and fine dining approach to the usually homely Caribbean food.

We spoke to Chef Michelle to find out more about her experience on the BBC2 show…

What was the reason in taking part oMasterchef?

I needed a new challenge, I needed something to make me feel uncomfortable and throw me in at the deep end in terms of cooking! Plus, I wanted to hear all the criticism and feedback the judges could offer about the food I cook, my own style of food.


Is there a way to handle the criticism from the judges?

I entered the competition wanting to hear every criticism the judges gave. I highly respect all three of them so to have them criticise my food can only help to improve it and make it better!


What is the atmosphere like in the kitchen cooking alongside other chefs?

It’s intense, it’s hot and it’s competitive!


What is your approach to the imagination & creation of your dishes?

I’m a thinker. I often plan my dishes thinking of how my guest will feel eating it. Then, I make it, try it and then I work on improving it to make it even better.


What is your cooking style and what can people expect from the food on your menu?

I would say my style is French based with a modern Caribbean approach.


What has been your greatest accomplishment during your time on Masterchef so far?

Having the opportunity to go on Masterchef and being able to present my food to Marcus Wareing and Monica Galetti is an accomplishment in itself. Hearing the positive feedback about what I’ve cooked is even better!


Has there been any down sides during your time on Masterchef so far?

There is always a positive to any downside and whilst the competition is challenging, that’s exactly what I signed up for! I can only be thankful for the lessons learnt along the way with each challenge.


Would there be anything you would change so far and would you recommend to a friend?

I would most definitely recommend entering the competition to any chef!