28 August 2017

Px+ Festival: A culinary masterpiece

Last weekend Nurtured in Norfolk were kindly invited to experience and celebrate the hospitality industry at the PX+ Festival. A three day festival, where over 200 headliners, chefs, farmers, bakers, mixologists and passionate people came together and provided an unforgettable culinary masterpiece for others.

“The Px+ Festival is a spark to launch real change – not only to the way we work, but also how we support & look out for eachother”


Line Up

The 2019 line up was full of creativity & collaboration between many professions. We got to meet & get inspired by respected chefs, such as Clare Smyth (Core), Jonny Bone (Core), BearBQ, Scott Goss (Verdigris), Natoora & many more. Alongside we got to experience talks, workshop & tastings by bakers, mixologists and other food producers who were keen to share their story. We also got to experience a re-energise & detox yoga class with the very talented Chris Sun.


Food & Workshops

This food festival isn’t your typical street food feel either, chefs & bakers hosted incredible dining experiences in the 20 different areas available, with such welcoming atmospheres. In the main area, with so many experts in one place – it was the ultimate opportunity to learn from the many people surrounding you. They were there to teach you and talk about their products, as well as listening to your stories and tasting great food.


Carbon Neutral Festival

But that’s not all, this festival is all about what can be done to improve the responsibility of the food & hospitality industry. The hospitality direction is changing extremely quickly and the PX+ festival gives everybody the opportunity to talk and recognise what the industry should do and what will drive these changes in the future.
This is where the festival introduces carbon free dining, too counterbalance the carbon emissions that is happening at the event.

“Carbon free dining will plant a fruit tree in the developing world for every event” – LightSpeed

For every diner at the PX+ crop circle, restaurant and secret chef’s table has the chance to plant a fruit tree with their food bill to counterbalance the carbon footprint and food waste of their meals. 


What’s Next?

We look forward to returning next year and hopefully not just as guests, but part of the dining experiences and workshops… so plan your trip for next year and visit the PX+ festival if you are a keen foodie & want to celebrate the hospitality industry with your other peers.


PX+ Festival

Eat, drink, talk, dance, share, party, learn & celebrate