14 March 2018

Q & A with Alana Spencer

How long have you been cooking and what made you decide to be a Baker?

I first started creating sweet treats at the age of 15 when my mum bought me a book on how to make chocolates. I then spent all my weekends teaching myself the art of chocolate work, I was hooked.


Can you talk us through your style of cooking?

I am all about the flavour. My company, Ridiculously Rich, was created off the back of my style. The cakes I make really are ridiculously rich!!


Which Chef/Baker has influenced you most during your career?

I think Heston Blumenthal is incredible. I actually had the pleasure of creating a giant square for one of his chocolate recipes he had on his show. His creativity is fascinating and I love the theatrical side of his cooking. I would say my style is more influenced by Nigella Lawson and her love for decadence.


What are your favourite garnishes to use when plating up?

My passion is sweet treats and I don’t think you can beat a dash of edible gold or a beautiful edible flower.


What is your favourite product to work with?

Chocolate!! Always chocolate.


What does the future hold for you as a Baker, what is your ambition?

My goal is to grow Ridiculously Rich to be a household name in the luxury cake market. We are currently doing this through our team of amazing ambassadors. We hope to have 200 by the end of 2018.