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Beetroot Hummus

Vegan Leanne

This visually astonishing hummus is simple to make. The earthy beet flavours work brilliantly with something a little tangy and fruity. Try edible flowers like apple blossom or maybe dress leaves with a raspberry balsamic dressing. This recipe was developed as part of a valentines themed menu using beautiful leaves and edible flowers from our valentines range. The charcoal cracker recipe can be found here. This dish was an appetiser for a Vegan Quiche and the meal finished with a Rose, Cardamom and White Chocolate Mousse.

Credit: Vegan Leanne


  • Roasted Beetroot (1)
  • Can Chickpeas 9save water for this white chocolate mousse) (1)
  • Small Garlic Clove (1)
  • Salt (Pinch)
  • Lemon Juice (Half)
  • Black Pepper (Pinch)
  • Tahini 9optional-omit to keep oil free) (1 tbsp)


Blend all ingredients and refrigerate! Serve with crackers, bread or crudités.

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