5 July 2019

Micro Thai basil – Daisy Picks

Every fortnight we bring you ‘Daisy Picks‘ where our head of customer relations & accounts will choose her favourite product and share with you all why she thinks it’s a must have in the kitchen and what she would pair it with.

Daisy is always up to date with all of our latest products here at Nurtured in Norfolk and here she explains why you should be treating yourself to Thai Basil this season:

“This is our lovely Thai Basil. It’s really sweet and warming product, which leaves a lingering spicy to liquorice flavour.”

Daisy being a keen foodie herself at went on to say..

“This micro-green works best with Mediterranean dishes.”

But Daisy asks you one question… How would you use it?

Thai Basil is used to infuse flavour into broths, soups and Thai green curry. The herb is added at the end of the cooking process to retain its aroma and flavour. Add whole leaf clusters to cocktails and beverages like lemonade, as a garnish.
Thai Basil can also be used in sweet applications as well, pair with fruit salads or dessert make with tropical fruits like mango.


Daisy’s Top Hacks…

  • A cup of Thai Basil leaves works wonders in a holy Thai Basil stir-fry.
  • A tea made from Thai Basil leaves is very good for you, also known as ‘tulsi tea‘.
  • Spice up your vegan pizza night with Thai Basil.
  • You won’t be able to resist a Thai green curry when pairing it with fresh, fragrant and aromatic Thai Basil.
  • Add Thai Basil to any dish, if you are wanting to make them more bolder and spicier.
  • Over cooking Thai Basil is not ideal, as heat with quickly mute the flavour.


Did you know…

Thai Basil has notably high levels of vitamins K and A, as well as significant amount of vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium and iron.



Want to know more?

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