8 November 2018
Nurtured News

A Business that grows in every sense of the word

There is so much talk about growth in a Capital market being unsustainable and destructive, with world leaders struggling to deal with the rapid pace of change as we supposedly approach maximum population. The public continues to sink into a sea of conflicting information and doesn’t know which way to turn. It seems we are afraid of life post-Brexit, afraid of climate change, afraid of keeping our jobs, the future of the NHS, or the structure of social services.  We are indeed being driven into a fear filled state everywhere we look. With record spending on military defences and a level of tension and conflict overshadowing the landscape we see resources squirreled away in the ‘what if’ fund instead of on moving ourselves forward. But is any of this really relevant? When we look around at what we can do and what influence we have in the world, isn’t it better to look at what is actually going on within our own sphere of influence?

Here at Nurtured in Norfolk, we are growing…..perhaps a little too fast for our liking! We grow our own micro-cress and distribute over 200 species of herbs, flowers and sea vegetables and business in booming. We do what we can to support the environment, to provide maximal opportunities for employment, great customer service and the best quality products and we have no shortage of orders! We insist on growing the old fashioned way….into the soil and we are only interested in what we can actually DO to contribute to a brighter future for us all.


Dr Pippa Malmgren an independent economic advisor the UK’s government and former special assistant to President George Bush says that the economy is booming. She says there’s rapid change, but there’s so much room for innovation, solutions and business’ that provide value.  There’s a great call for investment in innovation, particularly in technology and also a need to define how we want to use technology. Our world is no longer defined by  quantity, it is also about quality, we are entering a world that seeks balance. We now have to consider the mood, or the spirit of the times, we have deeper questions to ask and more value to offer than ever before.


We have been supporting the start up of a new business that we know has huge value to offer and shows us that innovation and value through business is happening despite all the doom and gloom. They are seeking to provide value by making the most nutrient dense food on the planet available in the UK. It’s a business that excites us and provides us with more actual evidence of the great work that is going on in these times of great change. They are called pure foods fresh and you can find them here on their website is http://purefoodsfresh.co.uk. They supply RAW frozen shots of unprocessed Spirulina. Not only is this the most nutrient dense food on the planet, it is also a 100% vegan complete protein source, with anti-oxidants and other compounds that boast incredible health benefits as well as being the world’s most sustainablevegan source of protein.

We are no doubt living in unknown times, but from what we can see the future is bright and we will continue to work hard providing quality and quantity to all our customers. We hope you check out pure foods fresh to support you in achieving optimal nutrition and supporting sustainable food solutions.


Pure Foods Fresh

www.purefoodsfresh.co.uk | info@purefoodsfresh.co.uk | tel. 07872 016205